Inner Thoughts

Another New Start

I am currently at McDonald while munching on Big Mac, fries and large carton of milo. Truthfully I already done with that and truthfully I am becoming a massive third wheeler over here.

And truthfully I am okay with that as I symbiotically gaining a quite private here alone while trying to brain-wrecked on how-to-start-blog-all-over-again. This all because of my failure attempt on becoming a youtuber.

Let’s talk about business, I meant the real talk over here. For those who does not know me, I done blogging before until my mental damage drove me to stop blogging and delete the previous one. I know right? Therefore after endless attempts, I decided again to start blogging and I seriously and HOPEFUL this will stay.

And did I already mention that I write fanfiction too before quitting and decided to become just a silent reader. Let just say, I have a major WRITER BLOCK!

I will stop here but I promise you guys that the next entry will be more of pictures and colours, HOPEFULLY.

With love, Ruhil


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