Inner Thoughts

The Least Friends


After 25 years of living, I realize something. Friends come and go and the number declining…

I moved to different city when I was 10 and the friendship that I had for that 10 years gone. Even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could not help me with that.

High school was great. I was the school athlete. I was the school prefect. I was the school English debater. I was the school editor. Life was so easy until we graduated from high school. We gone to separate way and I chose mine, which included more than 400 km away from them.

Life in university was even more greater than high school. I met so many different people from different race and we instantly become friends. But as always, we have to bid goodbye after 6 years.

Now after finally residing in Kuala Lumpur, I somehow realize how I have so little friends after that much of separation. Yes, some of them are still remember me but a huge part of them are only left with memory. And truthfully, I AM HAPPY WITH THE LEAST FRIENDS THAT I HAVE NOW.

With love, Ruhil Rosly


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