Hello people.

I was a day a late. I was planning to post this entry exactly at 12.00 am midnight exactly the time when people are shouting Happy New Year almost anyway.

It was as exciting as getting a surprise birthday from your love one whenever the new year is coming in and in this case would be the ultimate year of 2018. Truthfully, I was planning to go party and spend the night at my friend’s home but she have her own thing to do that day. So yeah, technically I was spending the night by just watching TV alone with my super cat beside.

There’s nothing else I would like to say but I just want to start over. Starting over with everything. Book; Journal; Youtube; Blog. I just need to do something creative for this year. And I hope this will last long if possible forever.

Sorry for the absence of picture because I just start off without any planning at all. But hopefully for the next entry would be more cheerful than this one. Believe me, I am not that dull. So my question for this entry for you people will sound like this;

What Is Your 2018 Resolution?




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