I still don’t have any recent picture for this blog, so I’m going to use the old one. And yeah that’s all from my Facebook account.


I should record and upload new vlog for my Youtube channel but apparently my brother and his wife with their sons were staying over for 2 days, so I don’t think it will appropriate for me to film or record any video at that time.

Working from 9 am to 6 pm is merely exhausting especially when your job is only sitting in front your laptop and do stuff. Not I appreciated it but after a long and exhausting weekday, I think I deserve for at least just going out and have fun during weekend. BUT NO. I just wasted my weekend just like that and the cycle will be endless. I am really grateful for having both my nephews are coming over but it’s always been like that. i would really like that someday when they come over, we can just have one day out together. I don’t want to be a part of boring cycle. I am near to 27 years old, and I don’t want to think that I have such a boring life when I grow old soon (In Shaa Allah).

I guess what I just need a car. Living in a suburban with only bus as a public transport (even that with time) make it hard. I have to rely on dad to send me to nearest train station and that’s also hard because dad sometimes work on weekend. There is no way I going to use bus again since that incident where this one man (he is working with that bus company) keeps on following me and asked for my number. From his face, I know he is already married and wanting him to stop, I just randomly gave him some random number (I’m sorry to that person who is using that random number), and just walk away.

So as usual, if  I don’t go out, I just merely watch TV, eat, sleep, reading and binge watch all Pewdiepie video. It’s a bit pathetic but I may become an introvert whenever you see me soon. I don’t know what will happen soon, but I can feel that my life for the next few weeks will be more exciting. I can feel it. I know it.



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