Trip To Tambun, Perak

Hello there.


I had blast this weekend and I was hoping to write it out in here before the miserable Monday is finally creeping in.

My family (father, mother, cousin, brother and his wife together with 2 nephews) and I went to Tambun, Perak and truthfully we just went there because my brother wanted it. At first I was a bit half-hearted of going there since I know my travel squad is travelling to an island on the same weekend but oh boy, I’m sure I got the same excitement too.


We stayed at this amazing place called M Roof Hotel & Residences. It was completely mind blowing. It’s really feel like you’re staying at the 5-stars hotel (despite I seriously don’t know how 5-stars looks like) but sure, it feels like it.

(I forgot to take some picture of our place but here some of the interior designs of the place)

First day was a blur after nearly 3 hours drive and we just spend our day in the apartment and just went out for lunch and dinner. But I knew the exciting of 2nd day is coming.


Animals. Pool. Water slide. And pool party. What more should I ask?

Our 3 days stay was coming to an end. This means back to reality. And back to work. And hopefully trip to Singapore will be happening next month!

p/s: Sorry for the lack of photos cause I’m still forgetting I have blog to update. And will do a video regarding of this trip for my Youtube channel. Stay tuned. (Head bow)


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