Going Introvert?

Hello there.

Maybe an introvert but cheerful

Did anyone here is an extrovert and going to become an introvert? In a sense where you are not fully aware of it. Well, I think I just slowly converting myself to become fully introvert.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Introvert is a person who is shy, quite and prefers to spend time alone rather than often being with someone else.

Before this I am fully happily to confess, I am a bit extrovert and often going out to meet people and there is no such thing as free time, especially when I am in university. Full 24/7 busy (except sleeping of course). Yes it’s a bit tiring but it’s worth.

Now in a present day, I am in place where I am more comfortable with myself rather than being with someone else. I don’t have many friends and I am totally fine with that. But meeting with someone new? That is a complete different question.  So I questioned myself,

Am I an introvert person?

Well, indeed confessing that you are an introvert is not always a good thing. Because they are always been assumed as someone who don’t like people. Well, indeed I do not want to be taken as someone like that so, I decided to take on some several tests on the internet and most of the result stated that, “Extrovert with yourself and introvert with people around.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

So far, I still don’t know in which position I am. But I can sure that I like enjoy being with myself rather being surrounded by so many people. Is that one of the signs? Or I just being super shy?



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