Going Introvert?

Hello there.

Maybe an introvert but cheerful

Did anyone here is an extrovert and going to become an introvert? In a sense where you are not fully aware of it. Well, I think I just slowly converting myself to become fully introvert.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Introvert is a person who is shy, quite and prefers to spend time alone rather than often being with someone else.

Before this I am fully happily to confess, I am a bit extrovert and often going out to meet people and there is no such thing as free time, especially when I am in university. Full 24/7 busy (except sleeping of course). Yes it’s a bit tiring but it’s worth.

Now in a present day, I am in place where I am more comfortable with myself rather than being with someone else. I don’t have many friends and I am totally fine with that. But meeting with someone new? That is a complete different question.  So I questioned myself,

Am I an introvert person?

Well, indeed confessing that you are an introvert is not always a good thing. Because they are always been assumed as someone who don’t like people. Well, indeed I do not want to be taken as someone like that so, I decided to take on some several tests on the internet and most of the result stated that, “Extrovert with yourself and introvert with people around.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

So far, I still don’t know in which position I am. But I can sure that I like enjoy being with myself rather being surrounded by so many people. Is that one of the signs? Or I just being super shy?



The King of Fruit

Hello there.


Ok you already read the title of this blog post, “The King of Fruit”. I bet 99.99% of people who reading this might actually know what is “The King of Fruit.” But for those who doesn’t know this, it’s


I was scrolling my twitter few days ago and I was immediately astonished how much people always say that,

Durian? It’s stink

How can anyone possibly eat that?

It look disgusting. How that even called as fruit?

And this and that. I got it you don’t like durian but guess what? I like it! I am not going to blame anyone because somehow I believe that some people are not raise in environment where people eat durian when in season. But of course, all of this is just an understatement.

For those who’s willing to try without zero expectation, I give you my respect regardless who you are, where you come from and etc. And for those actually saying that it’s disgusting without even trying, well your bad!

I guess it’s true then that Malaysian really take pride on their food.


Starting Again?

Hello there.


I have to be really pathetic to start blogging again because truthfully I have no idea how many times, I wanted to start again blogging. For those who wonders, I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old, but after entering university after school, it kind of stop.

OK please! Don’t give me that look!

It was almost 10 years ago. And back in the day, internet is not something that you can get with a snap of your finger. So millenial people, please be understanding.

Monday Blue

Reason: Because everyone hate Monday. As simple as that.

No. I’m not going to tell good story on Monday because you should know, I am so bad with story telling. So things that I will share will mostly about what I feel, weekend, travelling or probably movie or book review.

I’m not sure if I have something special about me that’s worth to tell but if I found one, I will definitely will tell you guys about it.